Skills and Drills

I developed a 2 hour workshop to help people with new ideas in coaching. It is an active workshop and contains skills and drills picked up from the ex Australian Senior Coach as well as many of my own. This workshop is great for teachers and coaches for all ages as you can adapt each practice for the level you’re coaching.

Shooting Workshop

Many coaches and teachers who are not shooters, shy away from coaching the shot and movement around the circle. This Spring Coaching course works through warm ups, shooting technique, bringing the ball in to the circle, bringing the ball closer to the post and also attacking movements when bringing the ball down the court. Great for players, teachers and coaches from all levels.

Defence Course

This course has been developed in response to the many coaches and teachers I have worked with over the past 2 years. The 2 hour workshops covers many areas of defence through warm ups, marking pass and player, angles, forcing the pass, communication skills and more complex drills. Great for teachers, players and coaches of all levels

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Courses can be arranged anywhere in the country, please contact me by email for further details.

Bespoke courses and master classes

Spring Coaching is presently working with many schools to bring bespoke master classes to teachers and pupils.

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