Spring Coaching has been running for over 20 years. At first I worked as a teacher for 4 to 18 years old specialising in Dance and Netball. During this time and once I had left teaching, I came across a real lack of knowledge and training that many teachers are given in these important national curriculum subjects.

I started Spring Coaching as a part time business to mainly coach teachers, coaches and players to help them improve their netball. To improve their own game, and more importantly, to motivate them and provide them with the confidence to often teach a sport they don’t play themselves. Through this interaction with teachers and coaches, many more courses have been developed to help teachers in the different disciplines. I now don’t teach but my love for spreading the netball bug has kept me coaching and interacting with coaches.

In my working life, I’ve had similar frustrations with the 17-25yrs olds entering the business world as they are just not work-ready, so I’ve left business and set up Flying Start XP which provides a 1-week intensive course to get students work ready in a really interactive, full on environment. In both netball and business, I want to make people the best they can be.

For Level 1 and 2 Netball Courses, of which I am a tutor in the South East Region, you need to go direct to England Netball and hopefully I”ll see you there. Head to

Netball Spring Coaching courses on offer are:

Please see below the descriptions of the 3 workshops and how they could benefit you.

Skills and Drills – a 2 hour workshop concentrating on warm-ups, ball skills, drills and small games.  Perfect for players and teachers of all ages. Next Workshop: 6th December 2017 Booking Form: Wallington Girls School

Shooting/Attack Workshop – a 2 (and a bit) hour workshop concentrating on the technique of the shot and how to teach it(without ever having to demonstrate it), warm ups for shooters/attackers, getting the ball in to the circle and then getting the ball nearer to the post. Perfect for players and coaches of all levels and it’s a great workshop to attend with your attacking unit ie WA/C/GA and GS. Next Workshop: tbc

Defence Workshop 1 – the newest of the 2 hour workshops and developed with Helen Manufor (ex England GK). Defence 1 concentrates on Quick Feet, Marking the pass/place/ shot, Angles, Communication, Interceptions and Forcing the pass. Perfect for coaches and players of senior level players and above.Next Workshop: tbc

Bespoke netball courses can also be devised to suit groups needs

If you would like to host a Spring Coaching course then please contact If you can provide a venue, you will get 3 free places as long as we can get 10 additional attendees.  I would love to hear from you.

Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 Courses

This course has been developed on request from Primary School teachers who had not received much training in games for primary school age when at University. They wanted a course that would help them with new ideas to teach KS1 & KS2, how to organise groups of young children, ideas of how to develop their skills and what to expect form them. The ideal is to help primary school teachers with confidence and motivation so they get the most out of their time with their pupils in Activity lessons.

Games Workshop – 2 hour workshop for teachers of KS1 and KS2 children in Games. Looking at ways of keeping the whole group active and also ways to increase and better activity skills i.e. coordination, jumping, running

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