About Me

About Me

My name is Alex Spring (married name Webb) and I have been coaching for over 18 years in schools, clubs and county as well as running many courses in the South East. I played netball for Gems (Surrey), Old Actonians and Oakwood (Middlesex) and coach various clubs throughout Surrey county.

I taught PE for 2 years before visiting Australia and New Zealand on a scholarship to research levels of fitness in PE lessons. Whilst in Australia, I got involved with coaching courses at the Sydney Institute of Sport which was a great learning platform and helped with many ideas within the book.

On returning from my travels I left teaching and went into the events industry, where I became and Events Director for an Experiential Marketing Agency running large scale festivals, launches and other events. I’ve recently been  on maternity leave which allowed me to run a lot more courses in schools and Universities which has been great to be able to have the time to build Spring Coaching. I then went back to work as the Events Director for one of the original dragons, Doug Richard. He lectures on how to be an entrepreneur through www.schoolforstartups.co.uk and was very inspirational.  Following son no.2, I continued my work with startup businesses and am now helping SMEs grow their businesses via brand and communication work www.longrun.works. My world of coaching has helped me in all my roles which is a great way to bring my love of coaching to the world of business.

Where did “Coaching Made Easy” come from?

I was asked by my sister to run a day course for Primary School teachers in Cambridgeshire as many of them were very ‘out of the loop’ when it came to netball. I put a booklet together to go with the course which became the core of ‘Coaching Made Easy’. I then began to develop the book as a useful tool when I ran Level 1 courses. Many people who have attended my Level 1 courses or ‘Skills and Drills’ courses now have a copy of the book which has helped them immensely with their confidence when teaching netball at school and junior club level.

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